More About Me

When I started my professional career in Germany, working in international businesses, I always felt that something was missing from my life. My work/life balance was somehow lopsided - too much work and not enough time to enjoy and do the things I loved to do. For example learning Tai Chi and going out into nature. In 2004 I decided that there had to be more to life and I packed my bags to come to England. I had always felt a strong connection to this beautiful country, ever since I studied in Newcastle for a term. This time, however, I chose to go to Plymouth as some very good friends of mine had invited me to stay with them. I felt at home straight away, found a great job that gave me enough spare time to join a Tai Chi class and go hiking on Dartmoor - and eventually I found out about Shiatsu.

Ever since my first taster, I knew that this was what I'm actually meant to be doing. So I started the three-year course at the Devon School of Shiatsu and qualified in 2008. It has turned out to be the most rewarding journey I could have chosen. I am very grateful to be able to connect to my clients and help them on their journeys. I am still in awe about the deep effects and changes Shiatsu can bring about in people and I thoroughly enjoy my work.

More About Shiatsu

'Shi-atsu' literally means finger pressure in Japanese. As we manipulate acupuncture points with our fingers and work along the meridians (energy lines), we activate the self-healing powers of the body to bring about change. Thus, I see myself as an enabler for healing but the clients body is actually doing the real work. Clients often notice ongoing changes for a week or more after their session.


When our bodies become ill or give us symptoms that can range from little niggles, feeling of unease or pain to sleeplessness or digestive disorders, excessive worrying and anxiety etc., it is a sign that something in our lives is not right. In some cases these symptoms are purely physical, resulting from an injury or repetitive strain. But often, emotional or mental challenges that have been ignored for some time can also be at the bottom of this. By working on the energetic body, Shiatsu has an effect on all levels of the human being - the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

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My Philosophy

Our bodies are absolutely amazing: the way we are constantly taking in and processing information, the way our body seems to be working 'all by itself' to keep us alive, the way it is constantly repairing and renewing itself​, the list can go on and on. Our bodies are also extremely adaptable to different environments and situations. They can deal with huge amounts of stress, with shock and trauma, broken bones, torn ligaments, cuts and childbirth(!). Our bodies always strive towards homeostasis, a state of balance and stability, and we don't even have to think about it!

In our Western philosophy we often regard the physical body and parts within it as separate. So when something goes wrong it needs to be fixed, almost like a mechanical fault. However, looking at ancient wisdom from the East, we can see that there was a completely different approach to health. In ancient China, doctors were paid for keeping their patients healthy and not when they became ill!

Many scientists and doctors now understand that our bodies are far more complex than purely mechanical systems. Our bodily functions all work together and are inter-dependant to keep us healthy. Furthermore, our emotions and mental attitude play a significant role in our wellbeing. That's why complementary therapies really work for many people to become and stay healthy.